Chairs, Chiefs, and Safety Stewards


2017 Autocross Chairs

AdventurelandMarch 26thChris Riester and Darrin Ballard
Iowa SpeedwayApril 30thJerry Grogan and Randy Sams
Osky AirportMay 21stTodd Spuzello and Mike Phelps
Iowa Events CenterJune 4thJacob Wheeler
Osky AirportJuly 8th-9thMike Phelps and Chris Riester
Iowa Events CenterAugust 13thNone yet
Iowa SpeedwaySeptember 17thNone yet
AdventurelandOctober 15thBob Mauer and Ed Logan


Available Chiefs

Chief of WaiversTara Walker
Denny Godwin
Mel Eward
Chief of TechChris Riester
Luke McKee
Denny Godwin
Zach Bertness
Chief of RegistrationMike Phelps
Steve Schaffer
Mel Eward
Randy Sams
Chief of NovicesRandy Sams
Chas Beeler
Mel Eward
Chief of WorkersDarrin Ballard
Joe Bradner
Mel Eward
Chief of GridChris Riester
Denny Godwin
Jonathan Quinn
Mel Eward
Chief of TimingSteve Schaffer
Mel Eward
Solo Safety StewardsRic Johnson
Randy Sams
Mike Bronson
John Jacobs