DMVR Annual Awards Banquet

At the end of each year, DMVR hosts an Annual Meeting/Awards Banquet. The purpose is to recognize the workers and drivers (both solo and club racing) who have stood out during the past year. In upcoming 2018 Drifting issues, we’ll take a closer look out how the recipients are chosen each year for the various awards. Since 2018 is just starting, now is the perfect time to focus on an area that you have interest and work on being recognized in front of your fellow members at the end of the year!

  • Hoskins Award
  • Greg and Sam Scharnberg Award
  • Soloist of the Year
  • Solo awards by class
  • Solo Pax Championship
  • Rookie of the Year (Solo and Club Racing)
  • Youth Novice of the Year (Solo and Club Racing)
  • Driver of the Year (Club Racing)
  • Midiv Awards
  • Winged Bitch
  • Help, I’ve Fallen
  • Worker of the Year
  • Worker Days (Club racing days worked)
  • Member Anniversary (every 5 years)